…me, myself and I…

My name is Gioia (that means Joy in English), I work in agriculture as an agronomist in a fruit and olive farm and as a PhD student scarcely successful for several reasons. I thank my destiny to have given me the opportunity of auch a high study title and I need to apologize wth the destiny for have been screwing this opportunity like I am doing.

I needed to start a diary, because I found myself in a strange moment of my life which has been lasting since a couple of years. Maybe I’ve done something wrong, maybe I have just taken the wrong decisions, maybe I asked too much from myself and now I am paying my disappointment. I need a catharsis in my life and I am starting from here.

I am going to use a lot of figurative images, of real and unreal examples, a lot of metaphors, a lot of paradoxes. In my life I cannot help but being clear as water, I cannot hide anything of my personality and I cannot play with my side abilities. So I would like to try how much can I figure out my life in other terms than the actual ones, in other images than the real images that I love. I just would like to be an artist, even if I am not.

Why writing in English? For practising. Both for my PhD thesis which should be in English and because practice makes perfect! So, I please English speakers to help me and correct me; but I warn all that I am Italian, therefore I will write some poems and mottos in my original language…but I won’t miss to translate.

…to be continued…


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