No. Definitely, I would have never felt in peace with myself without giving a contribution to such event. Too important to be delayed or, indeed, ignored.
I am not so aware about the environment where Rossella used to work and I am completely unaware of the events which led to the girl-napping.
But anyway, I can’t help but feeling empathy with her purposes and aims and I can’t help to regret, to feel anger and sad at the same time. How easily we can loose the sight of what is going on right behind our nose and how we trust the safety and the conventional tranquillity given by the media.
Nobody is talking about, so nothing bad is happening.

Well. This is over for me. I think it’s time to make as much noise as possible, any time we feel exploited, distressed by the system and frustrated by lack of power on our choices.
This is time to raise our voices: #freerossellaurru can be a good beginning!!!
To everyone and specially to Rossella. With love.

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