New day…same life

I haven’t been able to change

my life yesterday, neither today: waking up early is not difficult if you need to run because you’re sick. But otherwise, being on the very edge between depression and nerve crash impose calm and reflection. I don’t believe horoscope, but the radio is broadcasting it, and planet and stars seems they’ve been against me for long time. Yesterday I fell asleep late, thinking about conversations with some friends of mine…I should feel relieved because they had my same problems and went ahead. That makes me hope I will too…but Iam ot sure.

I’ve been fighting with my telephone and I succeed in installing blog application, but now it’s time (an it’s late) to go to work)..and I also forgot what I wanted to say actually. I need no apologize, but I absolutely need to have some philosophy…just to feel richer…and to forget all the material stuff…is that possible?

… I have always thought the example I grew up with somehow had an influence on my personality…

Need some more coffee… … … …
I actually bad a fast lunghi and I am back to my job: I like to be an agronomist, more than a PhD student because it gives more adrenaline and immediate satisfactions and… fair enough… it’s easier. But the eternal question is: where more satisfaction in the end? Being a woman, it’s more difficult because of so called social-duties… where is the right choice?
I feel sick enough to appear so bright in mind: I don’t feel like that right now…


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